Air Conditioner

Product Features

We are instrumental in offering latest and innovative Air-conditioning systems of different brands. Apart from this, we also provide the post sales services to the clients at their end.

Water Cooler All capacity water cooler available

Cooler with U.V & RO System

Product Features

Cooling Capacity 20 liter
Cooling Capacity 40 liter
Storage Capacity 20 Liter
Storage Capacity 40 Liter
Faucet 02
Size 15 * 15" * 42"
Size 17" * 18" * 52"
Water Purifier Cap U.V. 60-80 Liter P/H
Water Purifier Cap U.V. 120 LPH

Water Dispenser

Product Features

The treated purified water free from all impurities and toxic chemiclas is collected in an air-tight storage tank ready for consumpstion. The toxic chemicals, germs and dissolved heavy salts are drained to give safe, contamination free drinking water.