Reverse Osmosis System

Product Features

Stainless Steel Body
Carbon Block
Purification Capacity 40-50 Liter/ Hour
R. O. Membrance 75 gpd (USA)
Housing - 20" -3 Nos
Housing - 20" -3 Nos
In let Valve assembly
Spun Filter 5 micron
Size -32.5" * 18" * 10.5"
Granules Activated Carbon
Min In let Water Pressure 0.5kg/cm2
Operating Voltage 72 volt / 1.2 Amp D.C.
Also Available in Ro - 25 ltrs, 50 ltrs, 100 ltrs & above

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In many plants such as chemical, textile, paper and pulp & paper installation water softners is required. Most of these installations, they have is considered relatively low pressure boilers in the range of 100 - 150 psi where it is necessary to remove the hardness: namely the calcium and magnessium, in order to prevent, scale build up within the piping systems of these plants.

In this type of installations the resin is generated waith sodium chloride and turns resin in sodium.Semi automatic softner incorporated the proven technology of counter flow regeneration with multiport calves, which produces treated water low residual hardness throughout the service cycle, to suit small and medium sized industries. Water Doc down flow softners are manually operated units, designed specially for domestic & industrial use.

Product Features

Light weight and easy to install.
Top mounted semi automatic control valve.
Does not require electricity to operate.
Less spares requirements.
Strong cation exchange resin bed in sodium form.
One combined salt tank with fittings and brine filtering media.
Produces clear, soft and non-scale forming water.
High capacity Polystyrene bed type exchange resin, which is restable and has a cation long life, is down flows softeners.

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Waste water treatment

Reverse Osmosis System provides economical way to obtain pure water from brackish water. In reverse Osmosis, the membrance technology, removed most of the dissolved impurities, organic and toxic heavy metal ions, bacteria and viruses.

Product Features

Salt rejection upto 98% depending upon feed water composition.
Automatic feed shut-off valve on request.
Full control panel instrumentation on request.
Product recovery ranges from 40 to 70% depending upon fed water composition.
Automatic shut-down system for protection of membrances.
Skid mounted, fully assembled.

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